From Sean:

"I grew up in a Christian home with a dad and a mom who taught and modeled a life in Christ. I didn’t realize at the time that what I was walking out had more to do with their faith than mine. 


As I went off to college, my faith became shaky at best. I always believed in God. My life didn’t reflect it though. I found myself, living for myself, trying to accomplish all I could for me. I walked on and played football for Auburn and constantly battled with my self worth. When your life is defined by a depth chart, you find yourself working harder to become approved by others. At the end of my junior year, I took a beach trip with a college ministry. On this trip I encountered God in a different way. I always knew there had to be more... that He was and is a God not only to know intellectually, but personally as well. That we can experience His mercy and grace… we can live forgiven and free.


After graduating from Auburn I worked as a Sports Reporter for an NBC station in Montgomery, Alabama. I was enjoying my career but felt unsettled. It was during this season, that I felt God directing me towards ministry. With no formal training, I decided to move back home to Birmingham.  This is where Rhiannon and I met and were married. I began my ministry studies and in 1998 we took our first position as youth pastors. 


Following the voice of God for our lives has been an amazing journey. Along the way, my faith has continued to grow… and I’ve been able to help others grow as well. To help people move from just a knowledge of God to an intimate relationship with God, is what I love to do." 


More on Sean and Rhiannon 

​Sean and Rhiannon served as youth pastors for six years. While serving in youth ministry, Sean felt called to plant a church. They prayed and searched for where they might begin this new work. 


In 2003, Sean came across a new church plant in Birmingham. He felt an immediate connection to the life-giving ministry that was taking place there and in 2004, he and his family moved to Church of the Highlands. They had no idea the miracle that they would be a part of as Church of the Highlands became one of the largest and fastest growing multi-site churches in America. Under the leadership of his pastor, Chris Hodges, Sean was able to experience and help lead incredible ministry opportunities. He received his Ordination for Ministry at Church of the Highlands. He launched their first campus outside the city located in Auburn, Alabama. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Sean served on the Executive Team that helps lead Church of the Highlands.


In 2009, Sean made a trip to the Nashville area and while visiting, felt God calling him and his family to plant a church in this city. In the fall of 2015, God confirmed that now is that time. With all that Sean and Rhiannon have enjoyed doing, they are most passionate about helping people experience a life-giving and fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ.

5 Stones Church started its' first service on 
August 21, 2016.